Mathematical literacy and proficiency campaign

Multiply in Essex was a £7.9 million county-wide campaign aimed at raising skills in maths for adults aged 19 and over. The first phase of the campaign focused on raising awareness of Multiply and encouraging enrolment. While the second focused on helping people acquire and integrate maths skills into their daily lives, whether it is progressing in their careers, managing their finances, helping their children with school work or just feeling more confident about working with numbers.

The campaign had to be inspirational, flexible, achievable, approachable and attainable for all who may benefit from it. Prospective learners needed to feel that numeracy skills are within their grasp whatever their age, ability or stage in life. That they could engage in this opportunity and work it around their daily commitments, at a time that suited them.

The graphic look and feel took inspiration from the already existing Multiply logo by focusing on the ‘X’ created in the middle of the leading letter. Tone of voice was friendly and inviting, offering a range of ideas using simple everyday language that the largest possible audience could understand.

Our overarching thought ‘Everyday maths for everyday life’ was used to underpin image selection, copy writing and messaging.
What we delivered

– Campaign identity creation
– Visual graphic language
– Print and social media assets
– Partner toolkit
– OOH print and digital materials
– Accessible and editable PDFs


Essex County Council

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