Lego in libraries

Brand campaign

Digital Essex were funding a proposal from Essex Libraries, to bring LEGO® Learning System into libraries across Essex. Chosen venues would receive LEGO® Education kits, along with Lenovo® Chromebooks with the aim to engage learners in hands-on investigation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts, while contributing to literacy, maths and social emotional development.

The campaign’s objective – to reach children aged 6-11 years of age, their families and schools in Essex County Council’s priority Levelling Up areas. Signposting learners to the libraries’ event page where people can book time to explore the kits.

The campaign identity is built in LEGO® pieces, with graphic elements from the programming language being used for the call to action. Would be participants are shown against a pastel backdrop, surrounded by their creations in the form of colourful icons, showing the endless possibilities the activity. A fun, playful and inviting tone of voice help to fuel imagination and encourage learners to take part in the activities on offer, appealing to both boys and girls alike, as well as parents and teachers to enable them to encourage learner participation.
What we delivered

– Campaign identity
– Graphic language
– PowerPoint template
– Social assets
– Printed stickers
– Oversized photoframe


Digital Essex

Eventbrite banners

Library screen banners


Social media posts

Social media selfie frame

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