Why? It’s unique and customized

How often have you landed on a website and instantly recognized the images staring back at you? The posed handshakes? The fake business meetings? We’ve all seen them. Is that really how you want to represent your brand?

One real benefit of illustration is that it’s customized and crafted just for your brand. It allows you to combine your message, your service, and your people with a fresh, one-of-a-kind image that renders your brand unmistakable. If your branding is designed to use the same images everyone else is using, then you’re doing your branding wrong.

It engages

Where stock photos leave consumers bored and disconnected, well-crafted illustrations grab peoples attention every time. At Balfour Wong, we’re even fond of going one step further and making illustration interactive. We’ve found the combination of illustrated imagery and motion encourages customers to stay on a website and look deeper into what you might have to offer. And, of course, blow their socks off with that interactive infographic, map or character and they may even send the link to their friends.

It’s inviting

Illustration can break down barriers. The first being reality. You can distort perspective or do away with it altogether. You can make the sky yellow. Combine photography with line drawing. Your brand can be its own place. Its own planet. Its own reality.

When you combine this with your logo, typography and most importantly, your message your brand will stand out like it never could with stock photography.

More focused messaging

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s certainly true when it comes to good illustration. The right image can help brands simplify and fine tune their messaging. From charts, diagrams, maps and more, a good illustration can clarify your message and make it clean and more engaging for someone to understand.

It’s more fun

Have you taken a look at some of the illustration work out there? It’s giving brands a license to represent themselves, their services, and their message in more fun, attention-grabbing ways.

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